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Raw Breed
Members: Alexander The Great, Marc Rippin', Nick Swift, DJ Solo Flxx and Sam Swing

Raw Breed - Lune Tunz (1993) LP


1. Intro
2. Lune Tunz
3. Rabbit Stew
4. Open Season
5. Hit 'Em Wit a Pie
6. Fox Hunt - DJ Solo
7. Jimmy Crack Corn
8. How Many Lumps
9. Gangway
10. Skip to My Loop
11. Let the Dogs Loose
12. That's Not All Folks
13. Let Me Get Some




1) This is a real relic here. Let's take a trip into the past. Luny Tunz is a concept album that came out back when Hip-Hop had no direction or expectation- just a desire to express itself and last another year. The beats are some of the best around- even today they get the head bobbing. The lyrics are corny but stick to the concept and are backed by catchy choruses that get pounded into your head--- "Gonna make rabbit stew out of you and your crew!"--- I owned this record on vynil ten years ago and every time a dropped a track at a party people always wanted to know "Who was that? That was dope!" A great listen for anyone into concept hip hop: Jeru, PE, Wu, Abby Rude, ect...
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